Picturesque villages in the Outre-Forêt

Vineyards (CLEEBOURG ...) villages in the plain (Hunspach, Seebach, ...) and pottery villages (Betschdorf)

Half a day

Secret Alsace

The Romanesque route: Wissembourg, Altenstadt, Surbourg

Half a day

Crafts and picturesque villages

Wissembourg old town, St Peter and St Paul, St. John
The picturesque villages: Seebach, Hunspach
Vineyards: Cleebourg - potters: Betschdorf


The Castles and the Maginot Line

The route of the fortified castles - The 1870 battlegrounds: Woerth, Froeschwiller and Geisberg - The Maginot Line


Visit of the Regional Natural Park of the Northern Vosges

The route of the fortified castles (castle museums)
Picturesque villages – The vineyards

Group Rates
  • 1h 85€
  • 1h30 100€
  • 2h 115€
  • 2h with organ 150€
  • Half a day 210€
  • Day 310€
  • 2h 115€

An additional charge of 20%  will be applied for visits on Sundays and public holidays.

If you are a group of over 50 people, two guides will be allocated and charged for your visit.