The guides accredited by the association offer several opportunities regarding visits:


walkingVisits of Wissembourg on foot:

Educational tour of the historic city and its heritage: duration: 1 hour.

(Recommended) Visit of the historic city with a thorough tour of the abbey or 18 th century buildings: duration: one and a half hour or 2 hours.

(original) Visit the city center followed by the presentation of the Dubois organ (15 th century) recently renovated with a little organ concert: Duration: 2 hours.


 NEW ! Visit of the first rooms of the future museum.   In 2020 : tour of the town center, visit of the abbey and the old town,(duration,about one and a half hour) and following ,a visit of the first exposition rooms of the future museum.In the rooms are organized thematic exhibitions of Wissembourg that revive the local and regional past duration.       

(Total time for this visit : 2 hours )                             


Furthermore, our guides will accompany you on any visit , even one-day visits, to discover the cities and sights of North Alsace.


Overview of the old town

Discovery of notable buildings including the abbey of St Peter and St Paul


Sts Peter and St Paul, St-Jean and the old town

(on foot)


Thematic Tours

  • medieval Wissembourg
  • Renaissance Wissembourg
  • Eighteenth century Wissembourg
  • Key Characters in Wissembourg

St. Peter and St Paul, St. John, the old town

(Detailed History and Architecture)


Overview of the old town, St Peter and St Paul Abbey, the organ Dubois

with a little closing concert

Group Rates
  • 1h 85€
  • 1h30 100€
  • 2h 115€
  • 2h with organ 150€
  • Half a day 210€
  • Day 310€
  • 2h 115€

An additional charge of 20%  will be applied for visits on Sundays and public holidays.

If you are a group of over 50 people, two guides will be allocated and charged for your visit.