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L'association Wissembourg Animation a cessé ses activités d'animation pour Wissembourg.


Pour les tours en mini train et les visites guidées veuillez vous adresser à l'office de tourisme inter communautaire de l'Alsace verte. 


+33 (0)3 88 80 89 70


Town tour

Overview of the old town

Discovery of notable buildings including the abbey of St Peter and St Paul

Sts Peter and St Paul, St-Jean and the old town

(on foot)

Thematic Tours

  • medieval Wissembourg
  • Renaissance Wissembourg
  • Eighteenth century Wissembourg
  • Key Characters in Wissembourg

St. Peter and St Paul, St. John, the old town

(Detailed History and Architecture)

Overview of the old town, St Peter and St Paul Abbey, the organ Dubois

with a little closing concert

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Sightseeing tours

Picturesque villages in the Outre-Forêt

Vineyards (CLEEBOURG ...) villages in the plain (Hunspach, Seebach, ...) and pottery villages (Betschdorf)

Secret Alsace

The Romanesque route: Wissembourg, Altenstadt, Surbourg

Crafts and picturesque villages

Wissembourg old town, St Peter and St Paul, St. John
The picturesque villages: Seebach, Hunspach
Vineyards: Cleebourg - potters: Betschdorf

The Castles and the Maginot Line

The route of the fortified castles - The 1870 battlegrounds: Woerth, Froeschwiller and Geisberg - The Maginot Line

Visit of the Regional Natural Park of the Northern Vosges

The route of the fortified castles (castle museums)
Picturesque villages – The vineyards

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Presentation of the city

Porte de France, surrounded by the vineyards and the National Park of the Northern Vosges, Wissembourg has not usurped its title of “Capital of the Outre- Forêt”. Alive and intact, the town tells its story along the Lauter which flows through

its picturesque streets, namely the Quai Anselmann.

 Beautiful patrician houses stand in this street and give it a lot of character. The city has a rich religious heritage which has been preserved in spite of a particularly troubled past. From its history, Wissembourg has kept remarkable buildings.

The city developed around the Abbey of St Peter and St Paul, the second largest Gothic building in Alsace after Strasbourg Cathedral. Enter and admire the beautiful stained-glass windows, the monumental fresco and, outside, a majestic Gothic cloister.

Hotel and restaurant

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Multimedia Gallery

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